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  • Your will is what will survive you after you pass on. It empowers your executor to settle your affairs for you in an effective and expedient way. It also directs how you want your estate divided between your beneficiaries.
  • Some people have complicated financial portfolios and many people of different ages and capacities to take care of after they are gone. Many people have a considerably simpler situation that does not require extensive estate planning.
  • Wills are especially important to make or update after you marry, remarry or a spouse, child or other beneficiary dies
  • Wills should also be considered if you have a common law partner.

The lawyers at Murphy Collette Murphy are always available for a brief will consultation (free of charge) in person or over the phone, we can quickly ascertain which category you fall into. We can then discuss and agree on the cost of your will depending on the level of complexity involved.

Power of Attorney

  • A Power of Attorney is similar to a will except it takes effect while you are still alive, but for whatever reason, do not have the capacity to make your own decisions.
  • Some prefer a limited scope Power of Attorney which only covers one type of situation.
  • More often than not a general Power of Attorney is preferred. It will cover a wide variety of decisions that someone may need to make for you, from financial, to medical, to personal hygiene.
  • If properly prepared a general Power of Attorney will remain effective even in the event that your mental faculties diminish at a later point in time as long as you had proper capacity at the time your Power of Attorney was executed.

Notarizations, Sworn Statements and Certified Copies

  • Many times you will be asked to provide a notarized document, or else swear a statement before a Commissioner of Oaths. Examples include consent letters for children travelling abroad, licensing applications, or insurance declarations

For a nominal fee the lawyers at Murphy Collette Murphy can provide you with this notarization service. For an additional fee, we can also help you prepare a certified true copy of an original document, for those applications where one is required.

Purchasing or selling a home

  • If you are interested in purchasing or selling land or a new home, Murphy Collette Murphy has lawyers who can handle real estate transactions in both English and French. Please contact us for details on rates.

Incorporating a new business

  • If you are interested in incorporating your business, Murphy Collette Murphy has lawyers who can help you with that process, in both English and French. Please contact us for details on rates.

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Murphy Collette Murphy has been a leading provider of insurance related legal services to a variety of property and casualty insurers for over 20 years.The senior partners of the law firm, Henry J. Murphy and J. William Collette, practiced together for a number of years before establishing the firm in 1991.

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