I suffered property loss or damage (Fire Insurance)

Sometimes bad things happen. For example:

  • Fire destroys your home or business, burning some or all of your belongings
  • After purchasing a house, you discover a problem which you were not made aware of by the seller
  • The actions of your neighbour affects the enjoyment of your property
  • You have a flood and your insurance company says it is not covered but you specifically told your agent you wanted flood coverage

All of these events can be devastating and the chances of getting proper compensation can be improved with legal help. Let the lawyers of Murphy Collette Murphy help you get fair compensation for your losses. After a brief (15-30 minutes) consultation (always free of charge) we can help you figure out what your next step will be.

In cases where we believe we can help you, we can work for an hourly rate, based on an agreed-upon retainer.

Murphy Collette Murphy


Murphy Collette Murphy has been a leading provider of insurance related legal services to a variety of property and casualty insurers for over 20 years.The senior partners of the law firm, Henry J. Murphy and J. William Collette, practiced together for a number of years before establishing the firm in 1991.

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